Myths About Erectile Dysfunction you must need to know

Myths About Erectile Dysfunction you must need to know

Erectile dysfunction is the condition where a male is not able to become erect and perform sexually. The causes of this happening are many. Through the ages a lot of myths have continued to revolve around erectile dysfunction.

Myth 1: Impotency Happens Due To Old Age

Impotency or Erectile dysfunction has no relation to age. Males belonging to the age group of 20-50 can also face this problem. Erectile dysfunction is caused by many factors, old age owes to 0.1% of those factors combined. When a body becomes old, most parts and organs of the body start slowing down due to age. But erectile dysfunction can be faced by a male at any point in their life.

Myth 2: Only Herbal Treatment Can Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Most people suffering from impotency have a notion that it can be cured with home remedies and herbal treatment only. They do not think it is a problem big enough for consulting with a doctor. Erectile dysfunction may not appear to be a big problem on the initial stages, but it can often be an indication for other health issues such as diabetes, cholesterol etc. You should never ignore a health problem, no matter how insignificant it is. Erectile dysfunction does have herbal remedies, but it is better to take a doctor’s advice.

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Myth 3: Erectile Dysfunction Is Happening Because You Are Not Attracted To Your Partner

A widely believed thought is that a man is not able to become erect sexually is because he is not attracted to his partner. While that maybe the case for certain instances, it is not true every time. Your partner does play an important role in arousing you sexually, but a lot also depends on your health which might be a cause for not being able to become erect. If you are turned on and yet your penis is not becoming hard, you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and should consult a doctor at the earliest.

Myth 4: Erectile Dysfunction Is Your Made-Up Problem, It Is Imaginary

You might hear your grandparents saying that there is nothing such as impotency and it is only a problem that people create in their head. The myth that erectile dysfunction is a made-up problem had come into existence because no male was ready to open up about their condition back in those days. Today there is a lot of sexual awareness among the people and they know that erectile dysfunction should not be ignored or taken lightly.

Myth 5: Lifestyle Has Nothing To Do With Erectile Dysfunction

Your bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle have no relation to your penis’ functions. This is a completely inaccurate fact. Your ways and habits in life has a lot to do with how your penis is going to perform when you are involving yourself in a sexual act. Smoking, drinking and other forms of unhealthy lifestyle are often the root cause for erectile dysfunction.

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The myths are many. It is on you to become aware and take the right decisions and make the correct choices. You can treat erectile dysfunction with super p force which have sildenafil and can also take buy kamagra online which have sildenafil citrate after guideline of health care expert from safe generic pharmacy.

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