Fertility treatments: Explore the different ways

Fertility treatments have revolutionized the field of Reproductive medicine, offering hope and possibilities to couples facing challenges in conceiving a child. 

These treatments encompass a wide range of medical interventions and Assisted Reproductive Technologies that aim to overco me infertility and help individuals achieve their dreams of starting or expanding their families.

Let’s get more information about Fertility treatments variations and their influence on today’s world. 

Fertility treatment understanding

Fertility treatment is a collective name of different kinds of medical interventions and Assisted Reproductive Technologies aimed to overcome fertility issues.

Fertility issues can range from hormonal imbalances and ovulation disorders to structural abnormalities, genetic factors, or male factor issues. 

Fertility treatment options 

The option of Fertility treatments is indicated individually to the case of the patient based on his/her examination results, health history, personal preferences, etc.

The basic set of Fertility treatment options include the following: 

  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) – professionally prepared sperm is placed directly into the uterus during the woman’s fertile window which improves the possibility of conceiving. 
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – involves artificial fertilization of the eggs with sperm under special conditions of Embryo laboratory. The embryo is transferred directly into the uterus. It is a highly effective kind of Fertility treatment option. 
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) – particularly helpful in cases of male factor infertility. A single sperm cell is injected into the egg for conceiving.
  • Surrogacy – involves another woman for carrying a pregnancy and giving a birth to a baby which is alien to her (in Gestational Surrogacy). Intended parents are considered to be the legal parents of the baby with direct genetic connection to one or both partners.
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Some of such Fertility treatment options can be used complexly to make the likelihood of conceiving even higher. 

Usage of Donors of genetic material is also a helpful way for families with severe fertility issues. 

Fertility treatment in ADONIS 

ADONIS International is a leading medical establishment functioning in Ukraine and USA with well-developed Programs for Fertility treatment.

The full cycle treatment option of ADONIS provides additional comfort and confidence for patients and their close ones. 

ADONIS International has been operating for more than 24 years with its own functional base which include the following medical premises: 

  • Examination laboratory (with the state-of-the-art machinery)
  • Embryo laboratory (for accurate Infertility treatment options and its proper lead-up)
  • Surrogate and Donor database (for easy selection from only examined candidates)
  • Cryo bank (for cryopreserving your genetic material)
  • Prenatal care (for pleasant and controlled pregnancy period)
  • Maternity Houses (for the safest and the most comfort delivery process)
  • Educational hub (for future mother and partner education of baby care)

ADONIS International ensures the highest quality services provided for various Infertility treatments. We provide you with personalized treatment plans to make your Fertility pass really effective.

 Each individual or couple’s fertility journey is unique, and it is essential to work closely with a trusted healthcare team to explore the most suitable treatment options, set realistic expectations, and receive comprehensive care.

Choose the best medical care for your family and procreation. 

Choose https://adonis-international.com/branches/fertility/.

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