8 Reasons Why You Are Not Building Muscle However Eating Enough

Gaining muscles requires hard work, discipline, patience and proper diet at the right time. While most of the people are more focused on different ways to gain muscles, chances are that they are following some or other mistake which is occurring as a hindrance in the path of achieving that gain.

If you are one of them, then you are at the right place to learn from the mistakes and make progress ahead.

Here I have listed a few errors that you should avoid to gain muscle mass naturally.

You are following the same routine

This is probably one of the most common mistakes that every other guy/girl tend to do. Repeating certain workout routine everyday isn’t going to give you the bulkier muscles that you dream of. Moreover, your body will get used to it and there will be hardly any noticeable changes that you could observe.

Better to avoid the same regime everyday (even if it seems interesting) by changing the intensity of workout regularly and working with heavier weights to trigger muscle growth.

You are not taking enough rest

“You need to train hard to grow muscles” I am sure you must have heard this muscle-building advice a lot of times. Sure, gaining muscles needs a high-intensity training but that does not mean to spend hours in the gym without taking rest.

Take required short breaks in-between reps, depending upon the intensity of particular training and enjoy a proper sleep of 8-9 hours to give your muscles sufficient recovery time.

Take the advice of professional physical trainer in case you are not sure about the required gap to take between sets.

You are having Improper diet

We all know that a strategic diet plays a major role in achieving any fitness goal be it losing weight, put on weight or build muscles, etc. However, that does not mean you can eat anything at any time!

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Since you are here to know what is stopping your muscles to grow, this is important to know that lack of nutritious food in the body is a big hurdle for muscle growth. Therefore, eating the right blend of Healthy fat, Proteins and Carbs regularly is vital to muscles recovery and growth.

Your body requires food to use calories for repair and growth. Always remember to have sufficient calorie intake that greatly helps to build muscles.

Eat more calories than you burn to get the results you want. Intake healthy fat and other nutrient-enriched food to increase the size of your muscles. Include whole fresh fruits or cold pressed juices, yogurt, seeds & nut, whole-grain food items for regular intake.

Limit consumption of Alcohol, fried junk food, and sugary foods as it will surely lead to poor results. Keep your body well-hydrated, drink plenty of water or coconut and fresh cold-pressed juices as other healthier alternatives.

You are lacking in Protein

Proteins are the main source of muscle growth and recovery. It would not be possible to gain muscles with a low-protein diet. Be a little wiser and add at least 1gm of protein enriched food as per the body weight in the everyday diet through animal proteins (meat, fish, eggs, dairy) as they are relatively high with protein amount.

Vegetarians can reach for chia seeds, tofu, lentils, chickpeas, green peas, oats, nuts, and protein –rich fruits.

Women can’t be bulkier

All the ladies out there, do not stress over not becoming bulkier like the other fellow men. You know why?

Testosterone, a male hormone plays a key role in the gaining of muscles. Biologically, the concentration of this hormone is limited in the women comparative to men due to which building huge muscles likewise men isn’t possible for us. So STOP worrying about it!

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Also, guys get your Testosterone level examined if you are unable to get those gain irrespective of muscle strength training and proper nutrition intake. Low- Testosterone levels is one of the main factors behind the inability to gain muscles.

You don’t follow any workout plan

Keeping a track of everything related to your workout plan – weights you have used, time taken for performing cardio and in between sets etc. is an ideal way to build muscle mass.

With this way, it would be easier to progress since now you know the intensity of the workout to increase day by day for building muscles.

keeping a progress report makes the task bit easier than before. Try it out and observe the good changes.

You are taking the stress

I agree it’s frustrating sometimes to not see the quick results despite working so hard to get it. But, you need to be aware of reality! Building muscles is a slower process since now you are gaining by natural means.DO NOT lose motivation if the results are not noticeable.

DO NOT get influenced by the standards set by celebrities, after all, who knows they are gaining naturally or through supplements and steroids.

Just stay focused, work hard and do not take any kind of stress. Ever heard slow and steady wins the race? That’s what you only need to remember.

You are inconsistent

Let’s get one thing straight- You cannot build muscles without making continuous efforts in training, resting and healthful diet. As we have discussed above, it surely is a slower process and muscles does not appear by magic but you will definitely see the results if you remain consistent.

So, the thumb rule is to follow the discussed steps for muscle growth and be patient always.

Final thoughts:

Visit your dietician frequently to discuss your diet regime if you don’t know how to fulfill the nutrient requirement for muscle growth. Bring certain healthy modifications in the diet and lifestyle to build your dream body.

Take rest, eat proper food and never forget “Hard work always pays off.” Best of luck!

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