30-day beginner’s guide for muscular health

30-day beginner's guide for muscular health

When you are living in the bubble of fitness, a workout routine of three months comes out as the most beneficial one. Do you really think the program is effective enough to gift you muscles in just three months? There are a lot of online websites where you can easily get access to different muscle building workout plans. Out of so many programs, which one according to you is the most efficient? It is hard for you to decide, isn’t it?

To get you out of such confusing workout guides, here is the best plan you can go for if you are a beginner. You must have seen your favorite celebrities build tight muscles and abs through heavy workout regimens. Seeing the tough and stout body of such bodybuilders must be really fascinating to you. This often gives you the urge to build your body in the same way.

Well, there are some secret tips for bodybuilding in the safest and quickest way. It does not take you to go to the gym and work day and night. No need for a long period of two to three months to build muscles. You can enjoy the gift of tough and strong muscles within a small span of time when followed as per the correct fitness plan. As a beginner, you obviously need to work a little hard towards the initiation of muscle building. Once you are accustomed to the thorough exercise plans, there are no other barriers to stop you from a life long muscle gain.

A quick glance at the beginner’s workout regimen

You can call such a beginner’s schedule as an accelerated fitness plan that will ultimately help you in experiencing strong muscle gains. The only thing that you should keep in mind is to understand and follow the plan thoroughly without any cheats.

According to this plan, the initial month of your training will feel a little demanding. However, you do not have to be scared to face any sort of injuries or excessive burnouts during this training. You just need to be a little careful and critical while following the plan initially which will eventually get your fruitful results.

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Every week, with the progress of time, will train you in a way to withstand physical burnouts. In this way, it will gradually lead your way to more vigorous training, followed by a higher intensity and more voluminous workouts. At the end of four weeks, you will not exactly be ready to take up the next vigorous fitness routine. However, you shall be able to build quality muscles significantly during this time. In another way, it can be said that you should look suggestively better without your shirt than with your shirt!

The workout plan:

  • First week: full body split.
  • Second week: two-day split involving the upper and lower body.
  • Third week: three-day split involving pushing and pulling of legs.
  • Fourth week- full body workout or the four-day split.

The first week of workout:

The starting and ending of the 4 weeks training program consist of the full body split workout. This is done to decompress all the muscles of your body and prepare them for a thorough exercise program in the following weeks.

The training comprises of some of the most basic movements of your hands and other body parts, which are appropriate for beginners. You will be required to perform 3 sets of exercises in the first week, along with eight to twelve reps each set. In the second set, you will perform 10 reps and in the third set, you get to do 12 reps as per the plan. This sort of workout regimen is known as the reverse pyramid in the bodybuilding world.

The second week of workout:

This week primarily focuses on the split exercises to train various parts of your body. You get to train your entire body in a span of two days rather than in the first week of workout. The first two days, you will train the upper region of your body. The next two days you are supposed to train the lower region of your body. Thus the term training split has been given to such a workout plan.

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For your chest, carry out the compound movement using dumbbells. It involves different joints like the shoulders and elbow. Another exercise you can do for your chest building is the isolation movement. It involves just one joint workout, which is your shoulder.

The third week of workout:

This week is dedicated to your pull ups and push ups of leg muscles and other body parts including shoulders, triceps, and chest. In the first day, you perform pulling of body parts like the back muscles and biceps. In the second day, you work on your abs. In the third day, you train the lower parts of your body involving calves, quads, hamstrings, and gluts.

The fourth week of workout:

This is the final week of the workout program, which again involves the training of your entire body. You need to hit every body part at least once in this 4-way split, involving all the upper and lower regions. However, there is an exception, that is, abs and calves (you need to train these parts twice).

Keep a check on working more on your chest muscles and triceps. For your shoulders, they will naturally build up while you need to alternately hit your abs and calf muscles. No extra exercises are introduced in the final workout week.

Final thoughts

This plan is not just fit for beginners who have never held any weights before. If you have been trained previously, this workout plan is quite suitable for you too.  For how much time have you been visiting the gym to build your body? Five years? One year? Six months? No more worries for you. Easily follow up this 4 weeks training program to experience the same muscle gain and strength.

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