Dumbbell Exercise for Men

Exercise for Men

Did you just purchase a set of dumbbells and feel clueless about what to do with it or what type of exercise should go along with it? Well, fear not, we will go through below a set of dumbbell exercise for men.

  1. Back Exercise

There are two exercises for this type: Dumbbell Pullover and Dumbbell Rows.

Dumbbell Pullover – This is perfect for your lat muscles. This would allow you to lay on the bench on your back, holding the dumbbell using both of your hands and then lowering it behind your head. Bring it back up again over your head.

Dumbbell Rows – In this exercise, you get to keep your one leg atop the bench, back parallel to the ground, a dumbbell in one hand, and imagine yourself rowing in this position. Repeat with the dumbbell on the other hand.

  1. Chest Exercise

Bench Press – This exercise gives you three options: incline, decline, or a flat bench. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and perform this exercise. However, bear in mind that an incline bench press will work out the upper part of the chest and decline would do it for the lower part of the chest. Flat bench press helps your entire chest muscle to become fit evenly.

Chest Flies – This exercise could also be done on the bench just like the Bench Press. However, this is more difficult compared to Bench Press exercise and so it is suggested that you’ll use a light-weight dumbbell.

  1. Shoulder Exercise

Shoulder Press – This is a simple exercise, all you need to do is stand up straight, your knees should bend and there should be a shoulder-length distance between your legs. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and starting from the position where the dumbbells are being held above your shoulders, try to lift them up high, and put effort when you lift them up from your shoulders.

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Shrugs – This is just a simple shrugging. For this exercise, you need to use a heavier dumbbell and just make a shrugging movement of your shoulders. It might be just a simple exercise but it truly benefits your shoulders.

  1. Legs

Squats – For this exercise, you need to get hold of a couple of dumbbells. Stand straight, with a dumbbell in each of your hands, and then do the squatting. Wide squats could also be done and it is very beneficial to your thighs and so if you stand in the wide squat position, hold a dumbbell between both.

  1. Biceps and Triceps

Biceps Curls and Hammer Curls – Biceps exercise is perhaps the simplest dumbbell exercise for men. Twist your wrists too in order for your fist to be perpendicular to the ground.

Triceps Extensions – For this exercise, you just have to stand up straight and then get hold of a dumbbell between the palms of both hands positioned high above your head, and then you also have to bend your elbows.

This is the perfect exercise for men. You could never guess how dumbbells could do wonders with your body. Try this now.

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