Effective Way To Clear The Blocked Pipes

Blocked Pipes

Most people will usually give up if they have to fix the plumbing problems like the blocked drains. Although you are not expecting it, this problem is inevitable. At least you have to be well prepared to face it, as it is a vital part of your home’s drainage system.

If you don’t solve the problem immediately, the obstruction will cause the water to leak from the drains. Due to severe blockages, the pipe will be broken and cost a lot of money. It would be much easier to hire the professional plumbers in Sydney to solve this issue. However, there are many natural and chemical way you can try to get rid of blockage in pipes on your own. Below are some of the tricks:

Boiling Water

The easiest and fastest step is to pour boiling water into the pipeline. This method can loosen or dissolve the blockage without having to take more drastic measures. But this way can only be done on the metal or ceramic pipes, because the heat of boiling water can loosen joints on the PVC pipes. You require a hot water for PVC pipes, not boiling water. You can take this way as an effective solution to clean the fat or food blockage from your pipes, unfortunately this method can’t be used for the solid blockage.

DIY Natural Cleaner

DIY drain cleaner is also the easiest way by taking benefit of a bicarb soda (baking soda) and white vinegar. Pour the bicarb into the drain, and then followed by the vinegar, as simple as that. To prevent the mixture from bubbling out of the pipe, you need to close the drain. There will be a chemical reaction between bicarbonate and vinegar producing oxygen, but then it will clean them out. Although this step is easy, you need to repeat this process for several times, so that the blockage can disappear completely. In the end, flush the pipes with hot water in order to removing the remaining residue.

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Caustic Cleaner

This item can be found in a hardware stores or supermarkets. This is a type of chemical cleanser that is able to dissolve fat, hair, food, and other common blockages. Unfortunately, they are dangerous for the environment so they need to be used sparingly. You have to always protect and wash your hands, when working with the chemical cleaners.  The appropriate clothing can also help to protect you from the injury while using the chemical element. At the end, flush your pipes with water afterwards to avoid the possibility of any chemicals left behind.


Small blockages can cause the drain to slow down; it can be moved with a plunger that can clean blocked ducts. Close any overflow before it starts, so you can get a strong seal. The pressure that occurs can help loosen the blockage, so that your pipe can flow smoothly. At the end, pour hot (nearly boiling) water down the drain, after the blockage is cleared. This method would help remove anything that still stuck on the pipes. This trick is very useful for a solid blockage, but not in grease build-up and mineral deposits. Always remember to be cautious and wear a protective gear if possible.

Snake and CCTV

This item is famous and suitable for more severe blockages. With this plumber snakes, plugs can be cut off until they are finished due to a spinning coil because of a rapidly rotating cable. However, this snake has a limited range, so to make it effective, the blockage must be close to the channel opening. We recommend you to use this method if you failed in doing the other method that we mentioned above. This snake can be found in the hardware stores or supermarket.

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