Best fitness and diet tips to kickstart this year

Best fitness and diet tips to kickstart this year

Have you tried to start a healthy diet from the first day of the New Years and failed already? If yes, then note that it is not the end of your trials. The reason why we decided to post this a little later than the New Year, is to give you the right boost you need right now.

If you’ve failed or you’re trying hard to maintain, but don’t have enough motivation to do so, we will help. We have streamlined some of the coolest tips that will keep you motivated. You might know some of these, but you’d definitely have to work on many of them!

Best fitness and diet tips

The following tips will give you a better idea on how you should shape your entire fitness routine:

  1. Know your staples

Don’t chase after types of diet that celebrities follow living in another part of the world. The type of food they are used to consuming is different from what your staples are. It is extremely important to choose the healthy options that revolve around your staples rather than following something as extreme at Keto. Your body, the atmosphere you live in, and the ingredients you get around are essential determinants. You need to consider all of these when you choose a diet.

  1. Choose your exercises right

Until your profession asks for it, you don’t need to make extreme dietary or fitness changes. If you simply wish to get healthier, you can choose a kind of exercise type that you like. Choose your exercise according to your goal and not the other way round. If you always wanted to learn swimming but didn’t, this is the time. If you wanted to buy a bicycle when you were little but no one bought, it is time to buy yourself one. Your exercise should be fun to do and that’s how you are going to shed more calories.

  1. Choose the food you like

Until and unless you are extremely fussy about food, there will always be things you like to eat. For example, if you don’t like leafy greens, you might like fruits more. If you don’t like eggs that much, you can opt for chicken more. There are several healthy ingredients that you can mix and match from time to time. Keep variety open so that your diet doesn’t make you feel trapped.

  1. Exercise whenever you like
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Although people say that exercising is best when done in the morning, our schedules aren’t always the same. You can’t compare one person’s routine to another, so just choose the time that suits you. Make sure you speak to your dietician about this so that he can give you the exact plan for your exercise regimen. This way you’d know when to eat what and how much.

  1. Have everything in moderation

If you are absolutely cutting down on carbs, it will leave negative impacts on your body. Don’t go too hard on yourself and keep things in moderation. There have to be meals where you do add carbs – after all, it is about a healthy diet and not just weight loss.

  1. Keep more exercise options open

If you are paying a gym fee, you’d definitely want to go there every time. However, if you keep more options open, you might like exercising. The best way to bring a change is to involve yourself in a sport. It can be squash, badminton, basketball, and so on. Try to take membership of a place where you can get the best of all of these under one roof.

  1. Don’t starve

Crash diets and starving are a complete no for people who think short results work. If you want short results, its repercussions are bad. You might lose weight and look slimmer for a week or two, but you’d get back and it’ll be bad. Not only it affects your health, but it gives you no benefits in the long run. It is extremely important to consume food from time to time, even if it’s only protein.

  1. Green tea works

Don’t let silly memes tell you that green tea doesn’t help. Of course, you can’t depend on a beverage to reduce weight, but you need it to accelerate the process. Green tea is an add-on that supports your exercise and diet regimen. It works like a detoxifier that soothes our body and makes our metabolism faster.

  1. Train your body
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Exercises that make you use your body instead of machines or weights tend to have a more positive impact. Although there is nothing wrong with using weights but nurturing your body from the core is always better. Try to initially work on your body, do a lot of cardio, and then slowly move towards weights. Following a systematic manner will reap you great results.

  1. Maintain

The only thing with healthy eating and exercising is that it takes nothing to start and nothing to leave. However, it can be the most challenging thing to maintain. Give yourself a target of 21 days and don’t back down for even one day before that. Once you complete the first three weeks, your body will get used to your schedule and you will be alert about when to do what.

These were some of the tips that you need to keep in mind at all times to maintain a healthier body. Note that it is all in the mind so if you know you can do it, you will be able to do it. At any point, if you tell your brain that you can’t, you are close to giving up.

If you have your own set of tips and ways of doing things, you must stick to those. Try to take help and have dieticians and trainers and ask them to be around your process. Don’t rely on yourself if you don’t have absolute knowledge. There are times when people try to train on their own but end up hurting themselves. Be careful and make sure that your efforts don’t go in vain.

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