Workout Motivation Tips For Women

workout motivation

Have you been stuck in an exercise rut? It’s all too easy to find excuses to ditch your sweat session. You have no time before or after work to hit the gym, fitness memberships are too expensive, you don’t have the energy to go on a run or bike ride — the list is endless.

Whether you’re a mom, runner or newbie who is looking to get back into shape, here are five tips to help you ditch the excuses and stay motivated to work out regularly.

Reach Out to Others for Support

Exercising with your children, friends, neighbors or co-workers can make exercise more enjoyable. It also can make you more accountable for your workouts. It’s easy to hit the snooze button when it’s just you, but it’s much harder to leave a friend waiting at the track or gym.

If your friends aren’t the exercising type, consider joining a fitness class that can connect you to a strong, supportive community of like-minded individuals who share common values and are pursuing similar goals. From running clubs to yogi circles, there’s a fitness squad out there for everyone.

Create a High-Energy Playlist

Research proves that high-tempo music can enhance workout performance and motivate you to exercise longer. Amp up your workout routine by listening to artists who inspire you to move. Try matching the music tempo of your song choices with your intended heart rate to keep you pumped for the duration of your workout.

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Expand Your Routine Repertoire

Don’t be afraid to mix up your fitness routine. Go for a run or bike ride on different trails to switch up the scenery, join a new exercise class or do some bodyweight training using a fitness app. Incorporating variety is a great way to stay motivated and keep workouts fun.

Tailor Workouts Around Your Mood

Try to choose an activity that best matches your mood. For example, if you’re not in the mood for intense cardio, opt for a walk, yoga or another relaxing form of exercise. On the other hand, when you’re amped up or stressed, burn some energy by cycling, running or strength training. Tough day in the office? Take your frustrations out on a punching bag or unload in a kickboxing class.

Work Toward a Goal

When you set specific goals, you’ll be less likely to slack off on your fitness routine. Whether you want to improve your flexibility or build muscle, a clear objective can help you stay focused and determined.

Try starting with short-term goals and then progress to longer-range objectives. For example, if you haven’t exercised for a while, a short-term goal might be to walk 10 minutes every day. A long-term goal might be to complete a 5K walk or marathon.

Following these tips can help boost your motivation and build movement into your schedule, so you can finally achieve your health goals and score the body you want. For more workout motivation tips, see the accompanying infographic.

workout motivation tips

Infographic provided by JSCULPT Fitness

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