Why Is Mod Kits Still The Torch Of Vape Culture?

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In recent years, vape culture has increasingly entered public life as a cultural trend. However accurate the industry is internally subdivided, our daily habit of vapes is to be named mod kits and starter kits.


Those which are complicated, non-portable, and capable of making mod kits are mod kits; Those which are suitable for novice, portable, and have an effect on replacing cigarettes are called starter kits. Recently, there is a best box mod 2019 called SXK Stealth Style VW Box Mod 60W. The atomizer is embedded, which makes the atomizer and the mod have a gorgeous fit. The product is cost-effective and has a good shape design. Equipped with 18650 battery, it could release 60W voltage regulator chip. You can adjust the wattage according to your requirements and then get an excellent vaping experience.

In our daily life, we have only two demands: entertaining mod kits and portable starter kits.

Nevertheless, during the days when starter kits prevail, have the Vaper betrayed the culture they created?

Once upon a time, some people entered because of the popularity of the mod kits and adhered to this market. In that time, we have witnessed miracles and embraced this new world enthusiastically. However, the result is – “We have drawn the attention of the world with mod kits, whereas, the public seems to only see the starter kits we have defeated.”


While, this market has never lacked a vaper with a sincere love for vape, devout faith in the smog wonders, and a friend who is feverish about the combination of health and fun. Whereas, we hope that in the era of rapid development of starter kits, there will be no frustration and anger for the mod kits. “Because the starter kits is developing rapidly, it is not incompatible with the mod kits market.” Lately, a teenager in the United States sued the JUUL incident, Mango JUUL pods banned. Although starter kits is easy to carry, which causes great harm. In addition, frequently taking nicotine salt is also harmful to the body. In comparison, mod kits seems to be much safer. There are Best vape mods 2019, such as SXK, Teslacigs and so on.

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How Does The Mod Kits Fit Into The Future Lifestyle Of Vaper?

As long as human beings remain curious, there are still markets for fun things. As long as humans still know how to be alone, the sense of belonging to culture is still the rigid need of some people.

When nicotine salt allows starter kits to gain its own subjectivity, the mod kits can have a clearer positioning of itself: a real plaything. As a result, it can really let go of the wonders and cultural shaping, without having to compete with the nicotine salt starter kits in terms of the efficiency of the smoke. The mod kits will fill your leisure time with a creative experience.

Is The Mod Kits Facing “Desperate Situation”?

The logic has always been to compare starter kits as a new thing with the mod kits. Out of the vapes, the starter kits are simpler operation, more portable volume, higher technical content and really good for health. Whereas, having gone through the Juul event, we need to reshape the perception of the starter kits.

“Starter kits maybe leave the public a better impression.” This is basically a fact. For the public, the mod kits should be healthy product, with exquisite design, more historical details and unconventional products .”

Stop Feeling Confused

The only change we have to make now is to stop being confused. The public needs to have a clear understanding of mod kits and starter kits, and prohibit inferior vapes and smoke oil that are harmful to the body and mind. In order to return to the pure land of the vapes industry, we are ought to spare no efforts.

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For the developers of mod kits, please stop the flustering when the starter kits rise. What you have to do and the initial heart of your involvement in the industry has not changed at all – to create more interesting products and to meet more interesting people.

As the real origin of vape culture, we should adhere to the existing market, do more cultural guidance, and gain more social attention by promoting e-cigarette culture and cultivating new players. Let the mod kits culture rejuvenate and rejuvenate. Let the vapes culture be passed down and carried forward.

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