What Is The Best Kind Of Exercise To Lose Weight?

What Is The Best Kind Of Exercise To Lose Weight?

Losing weight may be a difficult task but is very important for everyone who is overweight. Many people try to do a lot of activities to lose extra weight to look and feel good. Exercising is the best way to burn calories and build muscles, so do not make excuses because it is very important. Because weight loss is more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge, you have to get up every morning and tell yourself “I can definitely do this”.

So, here are some exercises which will help you to lose that extra weight that you always wanted to.

     1. Running

Running at a constant and moderate pace is one of the best ways you can lose weight. It not only helps to burn calories but also helps in building muscles.

Running at a steady pace can burn 566-839 calories per hour when running at 10 mile per hour.

     2. Stair Climber

Stair climber is another popular way to lose weight. Climbing stairs is a form of cardio exercise. While climbing stairs, you work against gravity lifting your entire body. This activity strengthens your leg muscles. It leads to stronger joints and muscles.

The amount of calories you burn will depend on the speed at which you climb and also your weight and heart rate. But if we consider average, then it would be 0.17 calories per step, so that would be 25.5 calories for 150 stairs.

     3. Walking

If you include Walking in your daily routine exercise, you can burn up to 150 calories per day. Brisk walking is a very effective way to lose weight especially for beginners who want to start their weight loss program. Start brisk walk 4 days per week for at least 10-20 minutes and after that you can gradually increase the frequency.

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     4. Zumba

If you don’t have interest in hitting the gym, then Zumba is a way you will want to adopt. Zumba is an efficient way of including exercise in your daily routine plan. It is found to relieve stress, improve energy and strength.

Zumba is a high-intensity and high energy packed dance class. A normal average weight person can burn 300 calories per hour.

     5. Swimming

Swimming is by no doubt is one of the most effective ways of losing weight. It is regarded as one of the best form of exercise because you will get a full body exercise while swimming because it engages almost all muscles of your body.

Swimming aggressively can burn 600 -700 calories per hour.

     6. Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is one of the popular yoga asanas that is practiced by many. The main advantage of this type of yoga is that it focuses on full body exercise.

It consists of 12 different poses. These 12 poses help you to keep your body active, reduce stress and anxiety. Here when you concentrate on your breathing, you will lose weight.

     7. Squats

The extra fat around your thighs and butt is little difficult. Squats are the solutions for this. It is effective in this case as it engages your entire lower part of the body.

You can find out how much calories you are burning when doing squats for one minute by a simple formula. Just multiply your weight (in Pounds) by 0.096 and the result will give you how many calories you burnt in one minute by doing squats.

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     8. Cycling

Cycling is one of the easiest ways to lose weight as it offers a good workout. It helps in weight loss as it burns good amount of calories and improves your overall health.

Depending on your weight and effort in cycling, you can burn up to 100-600 calories in a half hour session.

Above mentioned exercise will help you to achieve your weight loss goal. When you are going to start a new exercise, then make sure you give attention to the signals your body is giving. You should push yourself harder so as to achieve your fitness goal and improve your fitness levels.

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