Relax and Study in the Town of Bansko

relax and study in bansko

A number of scientific studies over the years have proven that the most appropriate age for a child to start learning a foreign language is before the age of 10. Moreover, the advantage is that the earlier you start, the faster you can get amazing results. If the child‘s education starts at the age of 4, he/she may have mastered English or another foreign language perfectly at the age of 10.

It is a good idea to enroll your child also in other classes, where he or she will study a foreign language after the daily activities in kindergarten or school. But this could also hide some risks in terms of achievement of the opposite unwanted effect. Most children can not concentrate particularly well for a long time, but long studying hours are required so each of us to master something as complex as a whole new language system. On the contrary, they need their minds to be constantly stimulated in the form of games and interesting conversations to focus their attention on new knowledge. We also have to decide whether is worth it to overload our child with these extracurricular activities more than necessary. Given the fact that the kid does not have a lot of time to play, he/she may be overworked and unwilling to study the language anymore. In fact, the right way to get our kids to learn is … to stop “making” them learn. The ideal combination is to give them the opportunity to learn and improve while they are resting without feeling overwhelmed, obliged or bored. Parents can cultivate love for music to their kids so that they can learn and grow easily.

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It is also very appropriate for small children to learn according to the latest modern techniques such as Waldorf pedagogy, Montessori method, solar pedagogy, suggestopedia, etc. These methodologies include a lot of fun and movement of imagination along with learning. Walking in nature in the free time with the group and the teacher can help apply some of the lessons learned in class. Creating friendly relationships in the classroom helps to sustain the learning of the material and develop a positive attitude towards learning in general.

If your child is not particularly proficient in English or is not at all engaged in learning it, do not worry. In most modern camps, children are divided into groups according to their level of language. In this way, they help each other, applying their own knowledge, and no child feels isolated from the other kids. At the same time, it is very important for children to be stimulated to learn a language better and to achieve more and more positive results in order to move forward and to a higher level next season. It is an advantage if, during foreign language lessons, children follow the rule not to speak in their own language with each other and with the teachers. This approach helps to master conversational everyday speech and encourages children to speak freely and confidently, which is extremely important. It is appropriate to make symbolic small prizes for the best performers, which will motivate others to learn more next time.

The most appropriate duration for a children’s language camp is between one and three weeks. This varies according to the age of the child and also depending on his individual character. The advantage is that you can take a leave and visit your child at least once during the weekend or take a short vacation and stay nearby so that he or she will not feel deprived of your love and care while studying.

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The LuckyKids children’s camp in Bansko offers first-class English language training for your little ones. The camp is held every year at the Lucky Bansko Apart Hotel with native English teachers. You can choose the best time for your child to spend one or two weeks in the camp from early spring to late summer.

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