How American and Indian Yogis are different?

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Most of the people debate in regards to the Indian and western yoga and if you don’t know anything about the same, you better participate in the debate and know more about the differences. It is important to know that there are some differences in between the two yogas, which automatically creates differences between the American and Indian yogis.

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As yoga hails from ancient India, but it is very important to know that the yoga people practice in the US today still resemble its roots? Well, the purpose of the American and Indian Yoga is the same, that is- to promote health and wellness, but their procedures are slightly different. There are few or more factors we will discuss, which will help us to understand how American and Indian Yogis are different as follows-

The Teachers and their teaching style

Well, as per the survey, it has found that most yoga teachers in the US are women, and in India are men. Long ago, yoga was considered as a male-dominated practice, hence the practice of the American teachers and the Indian is completely different. It is important to note that the West or Americans generally follow the Asanas and Meditation techniques taught by the Indian Saints and they have given a modern touch to the same. Still, there is a big difference between the ideologies. It has also seen that American yogis focus heavily on Vinyasa and flow, which means they quickly moving from one pose to the next in dance-like sequences. Even, the classes always include some pranayama and most often even a few minutes of meditation along with the kirtan and remembering of the god. Savasana is long and given great importance.

The daily schedule and approaches

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When you are in the Yoga School in Indiayou may be called to take a great yoga plan where you can devote your all days for say-7-20 days or more to do yoga practices. Over there, one will find a tight schedule which will be followed by various activities, including- daily wake up, herbal team, pranayama and chanting, yoga asana, yoga philosophy, kirtan, yoga breathing and other lots of activities, which are enough to the pure body, soul, and mind. But, American yogis don’t focus on everything and they undergo some of the yoga practices for living life in a better manner.

The combination of yoga & fashion

In the USA we can easily see YOGA fashion which is so good and exciting, but Indian Yogis wear simple and ordinary clothes or can say they don’t opt for any yoga fashion at all. Indian Yogis wear simple and casual comfortable clothing and don’t spend a lot of time and money accessorizing themselves to look good.

All in all, they are different from each other, but Indian yoga is very famous than anything else, due to its ultimate and traditional yoga style, the approaches, the arrangements, and the best part is people can find is very affordable than anything else. That is why a huge crowd is here in Rishikesh comes from all over the world to learn Yoga in such a beautiful setting.

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