Early Signs And Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes

symptoms of Type 2 diabetes

If a person has type 2 diabetes, that means the blood sugar level is too high. Realizing the signs and symptoms earlier can help you to get the treatment as per those symptoms of Type 2 diabetes. Early diagnosis can reduce the risk of other complications due to diabetes. If a person is diagnosed with pre-diabetes, he may have too high a blood sugar level than normal.

Usually, doctors don’t consider this as a diabetic condition, but if it is left for 5 years undiagnosed, it can turn into type 2 diabetes. At the early stage, type 2 diabetes symptoms can be mild, and people may not realize that they have any such condition. Therefore, we will discuss today the most common symptoms of Type 2 diabetes so that you can recognize your signs and get treated at an early stage.

  1. Frequent Urination

If the blood sugar level is high in your blood, your kidney works to remove the excess glucose from your body, which can cause frequent urination, particularly at night.

  1. Feeling of Hunger

When you have Type 2 diabetes, you may not always get enough energy from food. Usually, the digestive system breaks down the food into sugar cells, like glucose. Our body uses it as fuel. But, when you have diabetes, glucose doesn’t move from the bloodstream to the body cells. Therefore, they always feel hungry, no matter how much they have eaten when.

  1. Feeling Thirsty Always

Due to increased urination to remove excess sugar from your blood, your body may also remove water and becomes dehydrated. Thus, a person with Type 2 diabetes often feels thirstier than usual.

  1. Feeling of Fatigued

Someone who has Type 2 diabetes will always feel too tired as their energy level is always low. An insufficient quantity of sugar moves from your bloodstream to the cells; you feel a lack of energy and always feel fatigued.

  1. Slow Healing of Wounds
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High blood sugar damages the nerves of your body and the blood vessels. It prevents easy blood circulation throughout your body. Therefore, it takes months to heal the wounds and cuts quickly. Not only has that, but slow healing also increases the risk of infection.

  1. Blurry Vision

Too much sugar in the blood can damage the blood vessels in the eyes. As a result, one can suffer from blurry vision. It is essential to check your blood sugar level once you get this symptom. If the condition is ignored, it can damage your eyes and lead to permanent vision loss.

  1. Pain or Numbness in Hands or Feet

High blood sugar level impairs blood circulation in the body and damages the body’s nerves. If you have type 2 diabetes, you can suffer from a tingling effect or numbness or pain in your hands or feet. This condition is called neuropathy, and it can get more dangerous if your diabetic is not diagnosed and treated earlier.

  1. Dark Skin Patches

With a high blood sugar level, people can suffer from acanthosis nigricans. In this condition, the patient gets black marks on the neck, groin, or armpit. These patches often feel velvety and very soft.

  1. Yeast Infections and Itching

Yeast infection and itching due to that is a common symptom of Type 2 diabetes. Due to frequent urination, yeast buildup happens as this condition provides food for yeast, and it leads to infection. Usually, yeast infection grows in warm and moist areas like genitals, armpit, mouth, etc. You can suffer from too much itchiness, redness, soreness, and burning.

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These are some of the common symptoms you may notice in the patients of Type 2 diabetes. It is essential to get treatment at the early stage to avoid any deterioration of the condition.

Why Is It Important to Start Early Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes?

If a person gets Type 2 diabetes symptoms, it will always be best to begin early treatment. You need to make a quick appointment with a doctor, bring healthy changes in your lifestyle, consult a professional dietician and physical instructor so that you get a grip on your blood sugar level soon, and maintain a healthy lifestyle further.

If you go untreated at the beginning, the symptoms will get worse, and you get exposed to other health complications like-

  • Heart disease
  • Nerve damage
  • Stroke
  • Loss of vision or any other eye damage
  • Kidney diseases that can lead up to a dialysis
  • Sexual problems

Besides treating Type 2 diabetes under medical guidance, concentrate on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, know about the foods and dietary supplements you can have this time. You can go for CBD oil as it is one of the most effective supplements to use for Type 2 diabetes. Visit the site of https://thecbdgear.com/best-cbd-oil-for-diabetes/ and know more about the usage of CBD oil for diabetes.

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