6 Things a Woman should do to her teeth for the beautiful smile!!

6 Things a Woman should do to her teeth for the beautiful smile!! flossing

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Whether it be a formal occasion or an informal setting, there arise a number of reasons for us to smile every day. As a woman, you are well aware as to how a beautiful smile can drastically enhance your face value. Now, due to not having the desired teeth, you may sometimes end up smiling half-heartedly. However, putting up a happy face and laughing without any inhibitions should always remain the priority. It goes a long way in bringing about an upward trajectory in your conviction. Thus, here comes the need of the beautiful teeth. Good oral hygiene shall give you unstoppable confidence to exhibit a beautiful smile, irrespective of the situation. To ensure that your teeth remain healthy for now and the years to come, you must inculcate a set of habits in your lifestyle. Read on to grab more knowledge and witness these habits making a positive impact in no time.

Floss on a daily basis

Flossing is the procedure which involves the cleaning of the teeth at the spaces between them. We generally tend to neglect the gaps between the teeth and focus on the outward cleansing. This might lead to the growth of plaque in these regions and prepare the ground for harmful bacteria. Thus, you should floss every day to ensure the optimal health of the teeth. The proper procedure helps remove not only the plaque but also the food particles stuck under your gums and hard-to-reach places.

Given below are the steps to practice the right technique

  • To begin with, take an 18-24 inch floss in your hand.
  • Bundle up the ends of the floss around the index finger and the middle finger.
  • Follow the C-curve technique. Move the floss in the form of the letter ‘C’ between the teeth in the push-pull motion.

Make sure you hold the floss tightly while following the process. According to a study, the likelihood of contracting tooth decay and other gum diseases shall drop progressively with regular flossing.

Go for regular dental checkups

Nothing can inform you about the true state of your teeth as a dentist can. Their expertise come in handy in order to single out a problem you might suffer in future. Prevention is always better than cure. Thus, instead of paying a visit to a dentist after the onset of an oral issue, visit your dentist every six months. They can give you certain tips that shall go a long way in the healthy maintenance of your teeth. Moreover, safe sedate has made it possible for the dentists to perform even the complex operations without a hint of pain.

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In case you observe a cavity building up or some gum pain, increase the frequency of your visits as per the advice of your dentist. Follow their advice thoroughly on a consistent basis. Not only will that help you ensure good dental hygiene, but shall also keep your teeth bright and radiant.
Also During the visit to the dentist asked him about safe sedation dentistry practices which are available with most dentists, as most teens will have carried the fear of tooth pain early in life

Switch to an electric toothbrush

While conventional brushing of the teeth helps achieve positive results, the electric toothbrush cleanse the teeth even more effectively. A study suggests that it has the ability to remove the plaque, reduce the gum inflammation and enable good dental health. Besides, it has the ability to reach all the difficult places in the mouth. Manual brushing can be a little hard on the gums. The electrical brush applies an appropriate pressure on the teeth while cleaning the accumulated tartar.

Since it has an ability to clean the hard-to-reach places inside the mouth, the electric toothbrush can help ward off gingivitis and a number of gum diseases. Those suffering from a recurrent bad breath can use it for favorable results. However, make sure you brush twice every day, irrespective of the type of the toothbrush and regular use of Mouthwash.

6 Things a Woman should do to her teeth for the beautiful smile!! toothbrush

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Teeth whitening

This is a dental procedure that is about lightening the teeth and removing stains from them. Our indulgences in things like smoking, coffee, tea, and wine may cause discoloration to the teeth in the long run. Certain external factors such as medications and infections can also lead to the yellowing of the teeth. Besides, it is common for them to become a little pale with age. Such commonality makes this dental procedure hugely popular all around the world.

Whitening the teeth is not a one-time procedure. It needs to be performed time-to-time to maintain effectiveness. They are generally useful for the extrinsic stains, rather than the intrinsic stains. Hence, if your teeth have become prey to the paleness due to your diet, irregular brushing habit, and unhealthy consumption, you must visit your doctor as soon as possible. Their effect lasts for as long as 3 years. Just keep in mind not to overuse this procedure, as that can cause harm to the enamel and the dentin.

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Eat healthy foods

Nutrition plays a vital role in the maintenance of strong teeth. Until and unless your teeth do not get the fodder they require, they shall not be able to last long. It is thus necessary to include a balanced diet in your daily schedule. Make sure you take your vegetables, fruits, proteins, and whole grains seriously. You must also start by eliminating foods from your diet that are known to damage the teeth and gums. These include sugary items, carbonated drinks, candies, and salty potato chips.

Some of the popular choices among foods that promote healthy teeth include yogurt, cheese, salmon, tofu and green leafy veggies. These are loaded with good amounts of calcium, which is one of the most important minerals for teeth. Apart from these, nutrients like phosphorus, vitamin C, and proteins are also important for oral health. Lay your hands on foods like eggs, fish, nuts, citrus fruits, and tomatoes to get an ample dosage of them.

Explore Orthodontia

6 Things a Woman should do to her teeth for the beautiful smile!! teeth

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It involves a field of study that fixes teeth abnormalities and malpositions. While you have complete autonomy on your teeth, straightening your teeth can make them look even more beautiful. Set up a consultation session with your orthodontist, who shall guide you with precision.

It involves a simple procedure that makes the teeth look naturally straight. There a set of options available nowadays, ranging from mini-braces, the conventional braces, and the clean aligner trays. You can choose any one by having a word with your doctor. This procedure shall give you a reason to smile bigger in no time, with the results lasting a lifetime.

Science has made progress in leaps and bounds over the years. With the invention of EZ IO drill the doctors can now provide medications directly to the bone, in case intravenous access is not possible. Similarly, the field on dentistry has also come up with latest technologies. The new age procedures mentioned above shall ensure you strong, sturdy and beautiful teeth for years to come. Let us celebrate together as women by showing our happy face to the world with that pretty smile going on.

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