5 Best Comfy Shirt Styles to Look Fit and Trendy

5 Best Comfy Shirt Styles to Look Fit and Trendy

Life is not perfect, but your shirt for the day can be! What you wear every day is an important decision because it becomes a part of your personality, as viewed by those you interact with on a daily basis. You might think it does not matter what you put on your back when you leave the house, but subconsciously, you are constantly being critiqued by everyone you meet. You would not want a sloppy impression of yourself now, would you?

Men do not like to wear shirts because often, it is equal to sacrificing comfort. For instance, a silk shirt would look amazing on you but would leave you agitated on a hot summer day. Similarly, shoes would look great, but sandals are a lot more comfortable. So, men usually choose comfort over style. But it does not necessarily have to be so. Here are the five most ridiculously comfy shirt styles that you can use in your daily life to look fit and stylish.

The Oxford Shirt:

Oxford Shirt

An absolute men’s wardrobe essential, an Oxford shirt is one of those clothing items which are certainly never going to go out of style. It is very versatile and can be paired with a slim suit or a t-shirt, if not worn as is. If you want to show off your fitness, grab a muscle fit Oxford shirt in one of the standard shades: Blue, white or pink. These shirts are made from a cotton fabric finished using a unique basket weave, which makes these shirts extremely comfortable to wear.

The Jersey Shirt:

Jersey Shirt

With hundreds of jersey shirts to choose from, accentuating those huge muscles has never been more convenient! A jersey shirt is made of a soft cotton fabric mixed with a little synthetic fibre, that makes this shirt style one of the most comfortable ones that there is on the market. The synthetic fibre, usually elastane makes it stretchable, while the cotton base makes it sweat absorbent as well. If you get the size just right, you are sure to turn many heads with how stylish and fit your look is! Jersey shirts have a stretchable quality which gives you a very handsome fit; just tight enough to showcase your body, while not making you sore. Jersey shirts are your choice of style for a fun weekend, and you can comfortably wear these all day long.

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Poplin Shirt:

Poplin Shirt

A poplin half-sleeves shirt can be yet another great addition to your everyday wardrobe. Poplin fabric is tightly woven in a way that makes it sturdy, but also soft to touch. If you want to wear a shirt all day long, a 100% cotton poplin shirt is one of the most comfortable options on the market. Opt for a muscle fit poplin shirt with a fashionable print to flaunt your muscles in style!

The Short Sleeve Shirt:

Short Sleeve Shirt

You’ve worked super hard on your arms but are worried that a shirt is just going to hide those big boys from plain sight. Do not worry, we have got just the right shirt style for you. If you want to wear a shirt that not only leaves your biceps out in the open but also actually accentuates them by doing so, you must really try out a short sleeve shirt and flaunt off with bead bracelets for men which makes your style more distinguished one. True to their name, these shirts are your regular shirts, but with very small sleeves. This shirt style is also very comfortable and airy. Wear this shirt on a workday and just watch the compliments rolling in! You might want to try a button-down collar which looks extremely hip with a short-sleeve shirt.

The T-Shirt:


If you really are a fitness freak and feel that none of the above can do justice to all the hard work that you have put into bodybuilding, this last wardrobe recommendation is for you! Without a doubt, powerlifting apparel is your best bet at flaunting your body! Sometimes a shirt can feel too restraining. If it is not a workday, why don’t you try a t-shirt! And not just any t-shirt, you must have a tee that is designed to emphasize your muscles. There are many companies dedicated to serving gym enthusiasts with a wide range of designs that promise to inspire you to keep going.


There you go! Those are the five most comfy shirt styles that will make you look trendy as well as fit. But, do not limit yourself to these options. All the fashion gurus agree: fashion is all about expressing your personality and identity through your clothes, so make sure they are as interesting as you! Try some new styles and do not be afraid to mix and match. Let us know in the comments below if you have any other shirt styles that look fit and hip!

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