3 Ways How Fashion Meet Up With Fitness

3 Ways How Fashion Meet Up With Fitness

Fashion is the perfect way to reflect your style and attitude to the world. There is no such situation where good fashion cannot be a game changer. Fashion fits in flawlessly into every aspect and activity of your day. We spot celebrities sporting fabulous cuts, patterns, and styles almost all day every day, which makes us wonder, is it possible to look stylish all day? Certainly Yes. From your morning gym sessions to a cozy dinner, you can flaunt your style in easy ways by picking the right outfits.

When it comes to the gym, we have come past the times when picking the most comfortable outfit from your wardrobe alone was good enough. Today people are fanatic about getting their hands on the latest designer collections that will make their every fitness moment look fabulous. Sports-inspired clothing and active wear options are increasing day by day. You can now get on board with these amazing ‘just out of gym’ looks in these three simple ways.

1.Blend fashion with function: Never forget comfort when it comes to gym wear. But apart from comfort, the functionality should always dominate your preference when it comes to picking out the right fabric and fit for your gym apparel. Look for gym apparel brands which offer high quality, breathable fabric. There is one size that fits all, so avoid getting free size clothing when it comes to your gym.

The performance of the fabric should be adaptable to your body when you are stretching and bending. You don’t want to use see-through fabrics that show your cellulite or uncomfortable fits that get you a muffin top. At the same time, loose pajama styles will also not be the right choice. So, try before you choose. Look for fabrics which absorb your sweat well, do not soak and most importantly keep you comfortable and odor-free. The right fit is the key to creating a statement look for your gym.

Go for pieces such as compression tights, razorback tops, tank tops, hoodies that are stylish as well as functional.  Once you have chosen your apparel, try to add a pop of color to your complete look. Generally sticking to neutral colors for your gym wear is a great idea. This gives you lots of choices to mix and match between your clothes and create a brand new look every day. But some color to pop through patterns, miniature designs or accessories can be an amazing twist to your regular gym look.

  1. Let the season inspireThe weather is yet another important component that adds up when choosing the right gym apparel. With new seasons come new trends and keeping up with them helps you stay on top of your fashion game. From mesh panels to bold patterns, the fashion industry is bringing it’s A-game to fitness and it is important to stay at par with these dynamic styles.
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The Summer look: Of course your gym wear needs to cope with excess sweat during this season. But it is also the perfect reason to brighten the streets with patterns, mesh, floral and tons of summer colors such as yellow, orange. You can choose leggings, tank tops to create breezy and comfortable looks that are stylish.

The winter look: Exercises warm up your body naturally and hence wearing thick clothing is not the right choice for winter. Instead, layer up with trendy hoodies that can match your accessories. You can also experiment with different materials that will help you cope with the weather as well as keep you comfortable after your workout. You can go for a simple workout tee covered with a hoodie above. Accessorize with shawls to keep yourself warm and make it easy to remove and work out well. You can embed great colors and introduce typical assets for the season such as scarves to make your look easy and flawless.

  1. Find transitional clothing: When it comes to fitness fashion the game is all about achieving transitional looks. So when you walk out of a gym you already look pretty much ready for your breakfast with friends. You can achieve this by adding the right kind of accessories to simple and easy looks that are good for the gym. For example, a pair of trainers and tights are perfect for your Pilates and add a bold hoodie and you are ready to walk out for lunch. A tank top over a sports bra with a pair of patterned tights is also easy to create that looks fantastic even outside the gym.
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Many companies are working on activewear lines which are casual to pull off on a weekend or grocery shopping trip. The trick is to look for pieces which are easy to add up into everyday clothing. Apparels like tights, leggings, tank tops, harem pants, joggers, track pants, crop tops can get matched with accessories such as sunglasses, caps, shirt around the waist for the transition from the gym to lunch. You can work around bold prints, textures, bright color combinations and create a chic look.

Sweatshirts, tunics, multipurpose cardigans are amazing clothing pieces to create a casual look to carry for a day out. You can add denim jackets or shrugs to them after your gym sessions. Similarly, bodysuits are a great choice for sporting both in your gym as well as easy to carry forward into everyday clothing. Your typical gym shoes are good to help you manage an effortless look both ways.

The fashion fitness trend is rapidly growing and Instagram is filled with major fitness meets fashion goals. Using these 3 simple ways you can put together the perfect look that will make your everyday gym look ramp ready. So get set and let your fashion and fitness goals meet.

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